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Motorola Simlock Calculator V1.0.3.rar Free

How to Use Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free to Unlock Your Phone

If you have a Motorola phone that is locked to a specific network or carrier, you may want to unlock it so that you can use it with any SIM card of your choice. Unlocking your phone can give you more freedom, flexibility, and savings, as you can switch to a different plan or provider anytime you want. However, unlocking your phone can also be a hassle and a risk if you don't know what you are doing or if you use unreliable methods or tools.

Fortunately, there is a free tool that can help you unlock your Motorola phone by yourself. It is called Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free, and it can calculate your Simlock security code based on your IMEI number, which is a unique identifier for your phone. This code can then be entered into your phone to remove the Simlock restriction and allow you to use any SIM card you want.


In this article, we will show you how to use Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free to unlock your phone in a few simple steps. We will also explain what Simlock is and how it works, and why you may need to unlock your phone.

What is Simlock and How Does It Work?

Simlock, also known as network lock or carrier lock, is a feature that prevents your phone from working with other networks or carriers than the one it was originally purchased from. This means that if you buy a Motorola phone from AT&T, for example, you can only use it with an AT&T SIM card, and not with any other SIM card from another provider, such as T-Mobile or Verizon.

Simlock is usually applied by network operators or carriers to ensure that their customers stay loyal to them and do not switch to their competitors. They also use Simlock to subsidize the cost of the phone, as they offer it at a lower price in exchange for a long-term contract or agreement.

Simlock is implemented by using a security code that is stored in the phone's firmware or software. This code is linked to the IMEI number of the phone, which is a 15-digit code that identifies your phone and its specifications. You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone or by looking at the sticker under the battery.

When you insert a SIM card into your phone, the phone checks if the SIM card's network or carrier matches the one stored in the security code. If they match, the phone works normally and allows you to make and receive calls, send and receive messages, access the internet, and use other features. If they don't match, the phone displays an error message such as "Invalid SIM card", "Enter Subsidy Code", "Enter Network Unlock Code", or "Enter Simlock Code", and asks you to enter the correct code to unlock the phone.

Why Do You Need to Unlock Your Phone?

There are many reasons why you may want to unlock your Motorola phone and remove the Simlock restriction. Some of them are:

  • You want to switch to a different network or carrier that offers better coverage, service, or prices.

  • You want to use your phone with a local SIM card when traveling abroad, instead of paying expensive roaming fees.

  • You want to sell your phone or give it away to someone who uses a different network or carrier than yours.

  • You want to have more freedom and control over your phone and its features.

Unlocking your phone can have many benefits, such as:

  • You can save money by choosing a cheaper or more suitable plan or provider for your needs.

  • You can avoid being locked into a long-term contract or agreement with a network or carrier that you are not satisfied with.

  • You can increase the resale value of your phone, as unlocked phones are more attractive and in demand than locked ones.

  • You can improve the performance and functionality of your phone, as some networks or carriers may limit or disable certain features on locked phones.

How to Use Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free to Unlock Your Phone?

Now that you know what Simlock is and why you may need to unlock your phone, let's see how you can use Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free to do it. This tool is a software that can generate the unlock code for your Motorola phone based on its IMEI number and model. You can then enter the code on your phone and remove the Simlock permanently.

Here are the steps to use Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free to unlock your phone:

  • Download the tool from . It is a compressed file that contains the software and a readme file with instructions.

  • Extract the file using a program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder named "Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free".

  • Open the folder and run the file named "Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.exe". You will see a window like this:

  • Enter your IMEI number in the first box. You can find it by dialing *#06# on your phone or by looking at the sticker under the battery.

  • Select your phone model from the drop-down list in the second box. If you don't know your phone model, you can check it by going to Settings > About Phone on your phone.

  • Click on the "Calculate" button. The tool will generate your unlock code and display it in the third box.

  • Write down or copy the unlock code. You will need it to enter on your phone.

  • Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card that is currently inserted in it.

  • Insert a SIM card from a different network or carrier than the one your phone is locked to.

  • Turn on your phone and wait for it to boot up.

  • Your phone will ask you to enter the Simlock code, network unlock code, subsidy code, or similar. Enter the unlock code that you got from the tool and press OK or Confirm.

  • Your phone will display a message such as "Simlock Removed", "Network Unlock Successful", "Phone Unlocked", or similar. This means that your phone is now unlocked and you can use it with any SIM card you want.

  • Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Motorola phone using Motorola Simlock Calculator v1.0.3.rar Free.

We hope that this article was helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!


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