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Paul Samsonov
Paul Samsonov

Lingerie Wearing Teens ^HOT^

It's been more than ten years since Lindsay Lohan's character in Mean Girls uttered the words that would terrify mothers of teenagers forever: "Halloween is the one night a year where you can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it," and then, "The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears."

lingerie wearing teens

Ever since she announced her pregnancy, we all knew Rihanna's take on maternity style would be unmatched but she took things to a whole new level while attending the Dior FW22 show during Paris Fashion Week. The star arrived fashionably late wearing a sheer lace dress over a lace matching lingerie set. She accessorized with patent leather boots, a leather trench coat, silver chains galore, and a vampy limp, of course.

If you don't like wearing period underwear during the day, you may love this overnight option. They look just like loose shorts from the outside, but this pick from Thinx has super absorbent built-in period underwear for the ultimate loungewear option.

Aisle period underwear works a bit differently than the other picks on this list. The underwear has a removable insert that absorbs your period (along with an absorbent liner) instead of the protection being solely built-in, so it's kind of like wearing a reusable pad with your underwear. 041b061a72


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