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Paul Samsonov
Paul Samsonov

Nastia Mouse Sleeping Beauties V [PATCHED]

Naturally, among the entertaining students there must be a certain "botanist", that is, contrary to the story, a student immersed in studies, whom his friends (neighbours in the dormitory) are trying to convert into their hedonistic faith. Likewise, images of female students are arranged: among the smart and flirtatious intriguing beauties (one of which is a stereotypically stupid blonde), there often appears the figure of an honest and modest girl ("blue stocking", "gray mouse"). Sometimes (for example, in Students International) on the screen appear students-foreigners (from Africa, China, etc.). Teachers in such serials are given a secondary role of retrogrades, bribe-takers / schemers or objects of love of cute female students. Humour in these films, as a rule, unpretentious and flat, and vocabulary every year becomes more coarser and vulgar. The music in these series is often associated with a specific year of release of the series on the screen, since it includes hits of fashionable pop bands during the relevant time period. In order not to contact young and inexperienced debutants, the creators of serials often invite to the role of students actors (especially men) older than thirty years. Artistic bar of this kind of works, as a rule, is lowered already at the level of design, after all it is not about "piece goods" intended for cinemas and / or festivals, but about daily displays of multi-series television production.

Nastia Mouse Sleeping Beauties V


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