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Another important aspect of your brand is your visual identity. If you look at most beat-selling sites, usually a beat will have some sort of artwork attached to it. This can range from a nice photo to a cartoon illustration. It can also be as simple as having a polished logo, and using your logo as the artwork for all of your beats.

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Streaming rates on Spotify and other platforms average at fractions of a penny per stream. This might sound dismal, but if you regularly release beat tapes or have collaborations with artists who can garner 500,000+ streams, then these fractions start to add up.

Another thing to note is that many producers turn to YouTube to find the answers to their production questions. You can also use your expertise to create video content there that provides free educational value to the beat maker community, while also directing people to study with you privately. Many popular producers have also taken to Twitch to do live beat reviews, production breakdowns, etc. Twitch is great because it allows you to directly support the content creator by donating to them during their stream.

Whether you make beats as a hobby, grind away full-time to shop your tracks on BeatStars, or are just getting started as a complete beat-making beginner, your choice of software matters. The best beat-making software for you will take into account your comfort level with music software, your goals for how big you want to go, and the computer, other software, and other music hardware you use or plan to use.

I have first-hand experience with most of this software from almost 20 years of working with the best DAWs and the best music production software. That experience comes from making music as well as reviewing and editing full-time with outlets such as Electronic Musician, MusicTech, Mix, and DJTechTools. Yet because my own opinions and experience are still not enough to have tried every track-crushing option in the vast array of high-quality beat-making software, I have also scoured the habits and preferences of professional music producers and taken the input of other trusted expert editors, reviewers, and pundits.

These recommendations for the best beat-making software run the gamut of price and included features. Some are more outwardly aimed at beginners, while others are suitable to pros, but all of them offer something to beat-makers of every level. What brings them all together in a single group is their appeal to the specific needs of pattern and loop-based beat production, which covers many genres such as hip-hop, lo-fi, dance music, trap, and others. To differing degrees, these programs can also be used for recording bands, sound design, composing, etc., but paired with some great studio monitors or mixing headphones they are all excellent choices for beat-making.

Why it made the cut: Ableton Live has become the most popular beat-making software for independent electronic musicians, hip-hop beat-makers, and bands, not because of groupthink but because of a maturely developed, diverse, infinitely creative tools aimed at music production and live performance.

With Ableton Link wireless network tempo syncing, you can jam in time with other Live users as well as a large number of iOS apps and desktop music software programs. The Ableton Push 2 hardware controller pairs seamlessly with Live software to make step sequencing beats, automating effects, and many other tasks faster.

Why it made the cut: Music Maker 2022 Premium has continued to expand its appeal to beginning beat-makers with a new modular interface and artificial intelligence that make beat production even easier than before.

Combining an entry-level price with an approachable workflow, Magix Music Maker 2022 unabashedly targets beginner beat makers. Its straightforward, modular, one-window interface includes a content browser where users drag-and-drop virtual instruments, effects, and content packages called Soundpools into the project. The Soundpools are genre-based collections of loops, sounds, patterns, and instruments that are intended to jump-start song ideas. You can create as easily as mixing and matching loops, or take it further by writing your own parts and polishing the production in the MIDI note editor and mixer.

Going one step further in assisting beginners, the 2022 version of Music Maker adds the Song Maker AI, an artificial intelligence assistant that creates new beat compositions based on your choice of different Soundpools, instruments, and song parts (verse, chorus, break, etc.). Song Maker AI comes up with a new result every time, and you can fully modify it with your own ideas. The new Beatbox Pro 8-part drum machine also simplifies beat-making with its color-coded step sequencing.

Why it made the cut: Logic Pro has been a tremendous value and a top choice for professionals for years and now a wonderful complement of new tools makes it equally attractive to beat-makers.

A free iOS control app turns an iPad or iPhone into an amazing multitouch Logic Pro controller, perfect for quickly making step-sequenced drum beats, operating the mixer, and tweaking the new Remix FX DJ-style effect touchpads.

As FL Studio developed from almost a music-based game into one of the best-loved tools for pattern- and loop-based genres like electronic dance music and hip-hop, it kept its unique pattern-based workflow that lets you make beats very quickly. Its ease and speed have won over many successful producers, including notable names such as Martin Garrix, 9th Wonder, Tritonal, and Mike WiLL Made-It.

Why it made the cut: Native Instruments Maschine brings the classic sample-chopping beat-making of MPC workstations into a modern software/hardware system that has resonated with a legion of hip-hop producers, as well as dance-music maestros.

Why it made the cut: Besides it being a well-executed program by any standard for making beats efficiently, Waveform Free is also the closest thing to gaining the uninhibited DAW experience for free.

The only Windows-only software on this list, Magix Music Maker 2022 Premium, presents an affordable yet powerful option aimed at beginning beat-makers. It has its own character and workflow, but it works as a Windows counterpoint to the GarageBand music-making software that comes installed in all new Apple computers. GarageBand users wanting to step up to one of the best buys for beat-making can upgrade to the Mac-only Logic Pro for less than $200.

The rest of the options here are cross-platform, but if you have a Windows touchscreen machine, you may want to pay special attention to Image Line FL Studio 20, which supports touchscreen computers. For beat-makers using Linux or even Raspberry Pi operating systems, Tracktion Waveform Free has you covered with an excellent entry-level DAW that you can upgrade to the high-end professional version if you wish.

If you plan on making beats with a laptop only, the software discussed here will let you be productive using only the computer keyboard and mouse to enter drum and melodic notes, record, edit, and mix your music.

MUSIC MAKER is full-fledged, entry-level software for music production. Create your own songs & beats, arrange sounds & loops, play virtual instruments, record vocals and add effects in a few easy steps.

Build common kick and snare patterns, percussion sequences and FX loops using preset sequences available on every sequencer lane. With one click, Beatmaker autofills a four-to-the-floor kick or triplet hi-hat pattern, to get your drums hitting as quickly as possible.

Get your hands on the best beat making software and you'll find creating new audio a whole lot easier. From mixing songs to editing sound clips, beat making software goes beyond simple beat creation - although that's a big part of what they offer too.

From creating a drum beat to working on a new loop, this software lets you build from scratch or work with ideas to build up new creations. Add in MIDI-instruments to bridge the gap between software and the physical world and you can build something that sounds really rich and alive.

Talking of free, getting beats can be important. We've taken into account access to free audio, showing which services will have you covered and which ones mean you'll need to factor in more cost to buy licenced audio. Check below to find extra sites that offer free audio to work with.

Apple Logic Pro is a superb option for creating beats, topping our list, in spite of this being an Apple only program. The relatively low price offers so much bang, or beat, for your buck. This takes the already impressive free GarageBand from Apple and brings it to the professional level.

Magix Music Maker is an affordable way to create beats and more using a program that's one of many offered by a company that specializes in this area. As a result you get a whole lot of functionality for your money. There are 425 free loops included as well as a whopping 25 virtual instruments right from the outset.

Everything is easy to use, making it friendly enough for a beginner but detailed enough for more experienced producers. This works with MIDI devices like keyboards and drum pads to create beats and uses an intuitive interface for controls and effects. More virtual instruments can be bought as add-ons or you can upgrade to get more features included.

FL Studio 20 is a full DAW meaning it can be used to make beats but also works as a full production system. You get 500 tracks as standard making it great for quick and easy work. Separate workflows allow for an easy way to stay in control without the interface looking overwhelming. This does make it easy to use but this is still complex and is aimed at the more professional end of the music production market.

orDrumbox is another free offering but this one is built for drum beats specifically. It's also built by the people for the people. While that means it's built to task and offers some great features as a result, it also results in it being a little rough around the edges with an interface that looks basic. But under the surface this offers lots for both beginners and more advanced beat builders. 041b061a72


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