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Where To Buy Cranberry Extract

Extracts from cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) are traditionally used in the prevention of UTIs. Several randomized placebo-controlled trials demonstrated a preventive effect of cranberry extracts or cranberry juice on the rate of recurrent UTIs, for example, in younger women.4 However, a Cochrane meta-analysis from 2012 with 24 studies and over 4000 participants concluded that there is no clear evidence that cranberry supplementation may decrease the number of symptomatic UTIs for women with recurrent UTIs.5

where to buy cranberry extract

Results of two more recent meta-analyses of 2017 indicated that cranberry extract reduced the risk of UTIs by 26%6 and 33%,7 respectively. A recent trial showed beneficial effects of cranberry juice in prevention of UTIs in younger women.4 Cranberry extracts can also reduce the administration of antibiotics, which is of utmost clinical relevance since the use of antibiotics can lead to emergence of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms.7

Cranberries have multiple biological properties, including effects on bacterial adhesion, biofilm formation, microbial growth, and immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities.8 In particular, the cranberry oligosaccharides can contribute to many health benefits. As they can not be metabolized by the host, they are excreted in urine following consumption of cranberries and may thus contribute to the antiadhesive properties observed.8

Among the discussed mechanisms of action of cranberry extracts in UTIs, a putative antiadhesive effect against uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) is at the forefront. However, the primary mode of action and the compounds responsible for this effect are hitherto unknown. Flavones from cranberries may contribute to the antiadhesive activity.9 Recent metabolomic studies revealed that cranberry juice consumption significantly altered the urinary metabolome and increased urinary excretion of both exogenous and endogenous metabolites.9

Inhibition of adhesion of UPEC by cranberry extract and its metabolites was demonstrated in a recent randomized controlled trial.10 At least 36-mg cranberry proanthocyanidin (PAC) equivalents per day, divided into two doses (morning and evening), are required to mediate the observed antiadhesion bioactivity considered necessary to prevent bacterial adhesion to uroepithelial cells lining the bladder wall.11 Furthermore, it is most likely that polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins of cranberries have effects on the gut microbiota. In recent years, the involvement of intestinal microbiota has come into focus as a possible origin of recurrent UTIs.8

Interestingly, the authors were also able to show that the use of cranberry extract reduces the use of antibiotics. To date, a limited number of studies have examined the potential benefits of cranberry extract in treating symptoms of acute noncomplicated UTIs, or even whether cranberry extract might have a synergistic effect when combined with antibiotics.22,23

Moreover, cranberry consumption partially reversed the change of gut microbiota in colitic mice by increasing the abundance of potential beneficial bacteria (e.g., Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) and decreasing the abundance of potential harmful bacteria (e.g., Sutterella and Bilophila).25 Two studies used whole cranberry fruit powder made from freshly harvested cranberries,24,25 while a third used sweetened dried cranberries.26

Interestingly, the authors did not observe any changes within the microbiota. This may be due to the cranberry extract used in this study, which was a spray-dried juice extract standardized to PACs. Hence, the extract contained almost exclusively water-soluble components. Solid cell wall components were separated in advance and thus the fiber content of the extract was

E. coli, a member of the Enterobacteriaceae family, is the major pathogen responsible for UTIs. O'Connor et al. were able to show that cranberry components modulate the microbiota by increasing the abundance of Bacteroidaceae, while decreasing the abundance of Enterobacteriaceae.32 It has been shown that PACs of cranberries inhibit E. coli adhesives (especially P-fimbria). The PACs from cranberries contain unusual double A-type linkages, which could be important structural features in the antiadhesion process.33 It has been shown that adhesion prevention is equally effective against both antibiotic-sensitive and antibiotic-resistant strains of E. coli34 and that adhesion prevention does not exert selective pressure that can lead to development of resistance.35

However, the importance of the influence of PACs is controversial as PAC-free extracts may also exert antiadhesive effects,36 and in another study, no clinical effects were found at even higher PAC levels.37 The mechanism of action of cranberry extract is not yet fully understood. Presumably, synergistic effects, including the presence of soluble oligosaccharides of plant origin in urine, could be beneficial for urinary tract health through both prebiotic effects on the urinary microbiota and direct biological and chemical effects.8

Cranberry might decrease how quickly the body breaks down atorvastatin. This might increase the effects and side effects of atorvastatin. Avoid drinking large amounts of cranberry juice if you are taking atorvastatin.

Background: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are extremely prevalent and despite treatment with antibiotics, reoccurrences are common causing frustration in the patient and the potential for developing antibiotic resistance. The use of cranberry products to prevent UTIs has recently become popular and more clinical studies are needed to explore this use.

Results: All 12 subjects participated in the 12-week study and were available for follow up 2 years later. During the study none of the women had a UTI. No adverse events were reported. Two years later, eight of the women who continue to take cranberry, continue to be free from UTIs.

When it comes to urinary health, cranberry supplements are one of the best things you can add to your daily health regimen. Whether you're looking to restore your pH balance, protect your flora from yeast infections, or help get rid of bacterial infections, the best cranberry supplements are known for their healing and protective properties.

Bold Botanica is known for its high-quality supplements and potent extracts, and its Bold Cranberry Plus is no different. Each serving contains 36 mg of soluble PACs and 100 mg of non-GMO vitamin C to further support your immune system function. Plus, you also get super-concentrated extracts (not raw powder), and it's made without any artificial ingredient, filler, thickener, or sweetener. It's also third-party tested and confirmed with DMAC/A2 testing methodology that shows how potent the soluble juice PACs actually are when compared to insoluble extracts from skin and seeds.

GNC Herbal Plus Cranberry Fruit 500MG is a powerful cranberry supplement that contains 500 milligrams of cranberry extract per serving. Designed to help support urinary health and prevent infections, this potent supplement aims to be an ally to an already-healthy diet.

AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Supplement comes in the form of soft gels, and is packed with 500 mg of a proprietary blend of whole fruit cranberry powder and 120 mg of vitamin C to promote urinary tract health and boost your immune system.

Each serving equals one full glass of cranberry juice, with zero added sugars or artificial sweeteners. The soft gels do contain some ingredients like soybean oil, rice bran oil, beeswax, and soy lecithin that might act inflammatory in your gut, and they're also not vegan-friendly.

Nature's Bounty Cranberry supplements are extra potent with 4200mg cranberry extract per serving to support the integrity of your bladder walls and promote urinary tract health. They also contain 40 milligrams of vitamin C and 2.7 milligrams of vitamin E to further support your immune system health and protect you from infections.

One of the best cranberry supplements on the market comes from Zazzee. This USDA-certified organic supplement contains 500 mg of organic cranberry extract per serving and it's made without added sugars, gluten, GMOs, or any artificial ingredient.

If you're looking for a cranberry supplement that's not in pill form, this product from Microingredients is raw, organic, and free from any additional sugars, gluten, dairy, or other ingredients. Safe for baking or mixing into your favorite smoothie, one scoop of this potent powder contains 250 g of cold-pressed wild cranberry juice, rich in antioxidants and natural vitamin C.

Immunia Urinary Health Cranberry & Elderberry Concentrate is a powerful liquid cranberry supplement form that contains 29,375 mg of cranberry and elderberry extracts per serving. Easy to digest and quick to absorb, this supplement is convenient when mixing into any liquid or smoothie of choice. High in polyphenols, this cranberry supplement aims to help improve your overall health and protect you from free radicals.

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Cranberry pills are made from dried, powdered cranberries and may contain additional ingredients to enhance their effects. They can be purchased over the counter and provide many of the same benefits as fresh cranberries or cranberry juice.

Since cranberry pills are made from dried, powdered cranberries, they contain an even higher concentration of antioxidants than fresh fruit or prepared products like cranberry sauce or cranberry jelly (22). 041b061a72


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