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Madhan Tamil Books Free Download

If you are looking for some interesting and informative books in Tamil, you might want to check out the works of Madhan, a famous Tamil cartoonist, journalist, writer and film critic. Madhan, whose real name is Maadapoosi Krishnaswamy Govinda Kumar, has written several books on history, science, comics and graphic novels. He is best known for his popular books like வந்தர்கள் வன்றர்கள் [Vandhargal Vendrargal], க.ம க.ப [Ki.Mu Ki.Pi], and மனதனம் மர்மங்களம் [Manithanum Marmangalum]. These books are not only entertaining but also enlightening, as they cover various topics such as the history of the Mughal empire, the evolution of life on earth, and the mysteries of the human mind.


If you want to read Madhan's books for free, you can download them from various online sources. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of the downloads, as some of them might be pirated or corrupted. To help you find the best sources for Madhan's books, we have compiled a list of some reliable websites that offer free downloads of his books in Tamil. Here they are:

  • : This is a popular website for book lovers, where you can find ratings, reviews, and recommendations for various books. You can also join groups and discussions with other readers who share your interests. Goodreads has a collection of Madhan's books in Tamil, which you can download for free if you have a Kindle device or app. You can also read them online using the Goodreads reader.

  • : This is another well-known website for buying and selling books and other products. has a section for Kindle eBooks, where you can find many books in Tamil, including Madhan's books. You can download them for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, or buy them at a reasonable price. You can also read them online using the Kindle Cloud Reader.

  • : This is a website dedicated to providing free PDF downloads of Tamil books. You can find many genres and categories of books here, such as novels, short stories, essays, poems, comics, and more. You can also find Madhan's books here, which you can download as PDF files and read on any device that supports PDF format.

We hope this article has helped you find some good sources for downloading Madhan's books in Tamil for free. Happy reading!


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