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Paul Samsonov
Paul Samsonov

Al-Ameen Accounting Software: The Best Arabic Accounting Solution for Your Business

the primary control in selinux is auditd. logging is required to identify security events and an audit trail is left behind so that policies can be applied in event of an intrusion. gaining the same level of control available in solaris is not currently feasible due to the nature of the linux kernel.

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it is only six years since the financial crisis and most of the banks do not have an effective governance system. their core business became under reconstruction, the market condition is bad, the products are being cut, their staff is being cut, customers are being cut and the market is not yet open for most of the banks. their core business is trying to recover their money. today, the banks are looking at more than 100 billion dollars loss which has been cut. banks are trying to find solutions to ensure that this never happens again. banks are trying to provide different levels of service to their customers. to achieve this, they try to cover more customers in order to limit the potential loss.

first, there should be a clear goal that the organization should achieve. this should be accompanied by a specific set of objectives. they should then agree on a control objective and the monitoring and evaluation (m&e) system should be set up to measure progress against the set objectives. this is not really a problem for smaller firms. they are already firmly focused on their own objectives. they know what their clients want and they have a limited number of products to sell. it is easier to control the products in the middle of this process. however, for larger firms and companies they often suffer from a lack of focus and consistency.


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