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How Do I Reset My Vw Golf Key Fob

Remote was exactly the same as the original, obviously OEM. It came with instructions, which were simple enough - we just couldn't find the reset switch they referenced. We ended up taking it to an auto locksmith, who programmed it for $45, so it was still cheaper in the long run than going to the dealer. - SANDRA D.

How Do I Reset My Vw Golf Key Fob


Step Two: If the light comes back on after the reset, you may need to change the ABS sensor. To do so, unscrew the housing for your sensor (you should find it mounted to the wheel hub) and unplug the wire. Then, attach and mount a new sensor. You may still need to reset the computer again via the method described above.

Sometimes your key fob can get out of synch. This can happen if buttons are repeatedly pressed when out of range. To reset the key fob's remote functions, remove the cap from the car handle carefully. Press the lock button and then insert the key immediately into the car and unlock the vehicle. Try the fob to see if it has paired again. 041b061a72

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